7-11 October, 2024 / 7-11 October, 2024 /


Experience the power of collective growth as employees from diverse companies come together, both virtually and in real life, for five days of transformation. From virtual meet-ups to real-life events, embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection like never before.

Good Vibes only / Power of Hello / Diversity Day / Helpers High / Force for Good /

Social Challenges

Unleash positive vibes and enrich your connection with yourself, others and the world around you.

Challenge Yourself

5 Days. 5 Challenges. Benefiting yourself, others and the world you live in.


The Power of Hello

Behold the world as if you crawled out from under a rock. Connect out of interest not out of fear. As if you were a tourist in your own country you take an interest in others. Everyone sees you as a walking encyclopedia. Show interest and smile. So: head-up high say hello and say goodbye!

Science calls it Energy.Religion calls it God.On the street, we call it a Vibe


Good Vibes Only

Unleash positive vibes and enrich your connection with yourself, others and the world around you. Today you put on your rose-colored glasses and fall in love with everything. You are aware of the power of your energy on the world around you. Today you spread only good vibes.


Helpers High

Your soul is fulfilled by enriching the lives of others. Today you are there to save and help others people. The more people you help the higher your score! Reach out and touch somebody's hand. Make this world a better place if you can.


Force for Good

Find and commit to a meaningful project or initiative that the entire company can participate in. This could be a community service project, an environmental initiative, or a corporate social responsibility program.


Recycling Happiness

Participants are encouraged to reflect on past joys and re-experience them or pass those feelings on to others, creating a 'loop' of happiness.

Daily Sections

Each day is divided into sections:social service and self-service.

Self means giving attention to yourself and previewing and reviewing your days. Social is sharing the best of yourself with others and the world. The morning and the evening are dedicated to self. Preparing for the day ahead and reflecting on the day you have experienced. The afternoon is dedicated to social and connecting with others and the world.


Live Check-in


Intention is making you aware of your future actions. It's about the belief. The mindset. The intention of your actions determine the quality of your life.



Social Challenge

With each day presenting unique social challenges that will strengthen individual resilience but also foster stronger bonds among team members.


Live Check-out


Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today. Reflection is the most important part of this learning process.

Next Level

Elevate your team's well-being and cohesion with the WOW Employee Challenge.

Lead by example and inspire your team to join this transformative journey of growth and connection. With each day presenting unique social challenges, this experience will not only strengthen individual resilience but also foster stronger bonds among team members. By participating, you'll demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being and cultivate a culture of unity and support within your organization. Don't miss this opportunity to lead your team towards greater success and fulfillment. Join us in championing well-being together!


Register now and join other companies during the most elevating well-being challenge of the year!


Benefits of joining The WOW Challenge.

These benefits highlight the holistic advantages of joining the WOW challenge for both employees and the company, encompassing aspects such as well-being, teamwork, productivity, and employer branding.

Participation in the WOW challenge fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among employees, strengthening bonds and enhancing their sense of belonging within the company.


Engaging in the challenge promotes overall well-being, both physically and mentally, leading to increased job satisfaction and a more positive work environment.

By prioritizing well-being through the challenge, employees are encouraged to find a better balance between work and personal life, resulting in reduced stress and increased fulfillment.

The collective nature of the challenge encourages teamwork and collaboration, fostering a supportive environment where employees can connect and support each other in their well-being goals.

Participation in the WOW challenge demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee well-being, enhancing its reputation as an employer of choice and attracting top talent.

By promoting healthier lifestyles and well-being practices, the challenge can lead to reduced absenteeism due to illness and lower healthcare costs associated with preventable health issues.

Employees who prioritize well-being are often more productive and engaged, leading to improved performance and greater overall success for the company.

The positive impact of the challenge extends beyond the workplace, elevating the quality of life for employees both professionally and personally, which in turn contributes to a more motivated and fulfilled workforce.