Niki Schilling

Niki Schilling is Rituals’ Chief Impact Officer, driving the company’s bold dream to become an impact brand. In her role, Niki is leading this journey on re-thinking the way business is done and using Rituals as a force for good.

This goes from Rituals’ ambitious sustainability commitments – focused on reduction targets and NetZero, Circularity and CSRD responsibilities – all aimed at making unprecedented long term impact commitments with the single goal of improving the wellbeing of people and planet.Niki was instrumental in securing Rituals’ B Corp certification– a respected designation that indicates a company’s positive environmental and social impact. Attaining the B Corp certification helped to cement the brand’s position in the beauty industry as one of the frontrunners in combining sustainability and luxury. Niki herself is also an avid member of the B CorpBeauty Coalition, advocating for a more sustainable and inclusive future across industries. 

Moreover, Niki is taking a pioneering role by not only creating impact within Rituals' value chain but also by inspiring other companies to join her on this important mission. Serving on the Board of Bloom & Wild extends her impact beyond the beauty industry. Additionally, she demonstrates a commitment to driving positive change across various sectors by being a member of the mission committee of Chloé. Finally, Niki also pursues her personal mission of empowering women within the workforce, acting as a mentor and engaging in speaking engagements. Niki’s 16-year-long career in international marketing first began in New York, where she studied fashion management at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Afterwards, she would go on to work for several major international brands including Nike, Adidas and Heineken, aided by her ability to speak multiple different languages - English, German, French, and Dutch.

During her time at Adidas, she launched Adidas Yoga asa new category for the company, which improved the performance of athletes through the practice of yoga. At 31 years old, Niki began to dig deeper into what drives her to make an impact through her career. Her introduction to yoga and what it can achieve for the soul sparked a surprising new passion in Niki, inspiring her to embark on an entirely new path as she trained to become a certified Anusara yoga instructor and life coach. She would go on to take a year-long break from her fast-paced marketing career, traveling the world to train with healers and life coaches. This experience uncovered the key ingredient she would carry with her into her future leadership roles – finding meaningfulness in everything we do. Now heading Rituals’ Impact department, Niki brings with her a uniquely multi disciplined background that combines product development, business acumen, and sustainability expertise with spirituality, wellbeing and meditation. She has always had a true passion for touching people’s hearts with intention and preserving the planet that grounds us. With leading Rituals’ mission to positively impact people and planet, she envisions the brand as a catalyst for transformative change and inspiring a deeper connection between humanity and the environment. She believes that by tapping into the conscience of industry peers, communities, and customers, we can transcend the realms of beauty into the collective consciousness of a mindful, interconnected world.

When people are connected to their own heart and soul, it has a major impact on how they live their lives, also when it comes to making sustainable choices.

Niki Schilling