NEW BOOK: Well Connected

In Well-connected, Tabe Ydo, bestselling author of One Day Method, helps you share the best attributes of yourself with the outside world. The result? Getting more connected with yourself and others and more positive vibes.

This book offers a 7-day method for enriching connection. It is based on personal experience, ancient wisdom and scientific studies. It gives practical tools to contribute to a better version of yourself and to a more beautiful world.

Everything is connected

Enrich the connection with yourself, others and the world.

How you feel is determined by your connection to yourself, to others and to the world. Human connection and a positive social climate greatly affect your well-being. And that is increased by actively contributing to the feelings and needs of others rather than waiting around.

- Anna Noushin, entrepreneur and influence

'This book helps you to listen more to your heart and intuition and less to the opinions of others.'

- Bas Smit, entrepreneur and influencer

'With Well-connected you unleash the joy of life in yourself and others and live 100% all-in.'