Amsterdam is gearing up for the first Week of Well-Being, consisting of a five-day employee challenge kicking off on October 7th and wrapping up with an unparalleled one-day conference on the 11th. Dedicated to exploring the future of well-being and peak performance, both efforts are designed specifically for those seeking to elevate their personal and professional lives. The concluding summit at Theater Amsterdam boasts a curated lineup of renowned speakers.

In today’s hyper-connected world, where digital interactions often overshadow meaningful human connections, WOW recognizes the pressing issue of loneliness and mental health challenges faced by individuals and organizations alike. The initiative emerges as a vital platform and landmark event series, with an all-encompassing and multidimensional approach to well-being that is first-of-its-kind. Unpacking in the heart of Amsterdam, it highlights the need for a critical shift to safeguard social prosperity, a thriving world and the holistic connection between the two.

During the five-day WOW challenge, aimed at companies of all sizes, leaders and teams will embark on a transformative journey, starting and ending their days together in unison. Each day presents a unique social challenge, an experience that strengthens individual resilience and fosters stronger bonds. Participating names include The Social Hub, Technogym, Crisp and Lululemon, with opportunities still available for other companies eager to lead in well-being to sign up and make a difference with this challenge.

The one-day WOW Conference brings together CEO’s, entrepreneurs, HR directors, people & culture leaders, professors, coaches, writers, brands, influencers, trainers and more. Spearheading the lineup is Dr. Laurie Santos, the Yale professor renowned for ‘The Science of Well-being,’ the most popular class in Yale’s history, who brings her exceptional expertise to the summit. Other confirmed speakers include Jason Silva (National Geographic) and Gunay Uslu (former State Secretary for Culture and Media), Kelly Weekers, Wouter Kolk (Ahold), Tom Peeters (Crisp), Yeliz Çiçek (VOGUE), Bram Schot, Anna Nooshin, as well as global icons in disciplines from social neuroscience and human behavioral biology to yoga, pilates and mental wellness. Alongside the conference, WOW will also present the WOW Awards, recognizing excellence in well-being leadership. With a capacity of 1000 attendees, guests can expect a day filled with interactive, high-energy activities.

Taking well-being to a whole other level: a call to action
Participants will be immersed in live sessions, screenings, breath-work sessions, meditations, showcases, exhibitions, competitions and more. WOW founder and ‘One Day’ bestseller author Tabe Ydo has teamed up with Monica Kazlauskaite, key contributor from the influential Unleash the Power Within events, to curate an exceptional conference programme. “At WOW, we firmly believe that well-being is not an individual concern but a collective one. It’s my hope that we can spark a movement that will unlock the WOW in each and every one of us,” says Ydo. Covering a broad spectrum of well-being themes, including mental, physical, social, employee and financial, the summit emphasizes the importance of building social connections, fostering inclusive communities, embracing diversity and championing sustainability.

Elevating human potential by unlocking the WOW

The WOW mantra is simple yet profound: to uplift the well-being of global communities by nurturing their connections with self, others and the world. The WOW (World of Well-Being) collective comprises founders, including Tabe Ydo, Charlie MacGregor (The Social Hub), Adil Izemrane (Movement On The Ground), Winston Gerschtanowitz and Emile Kuenen (Joolz).


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