Yale's Dr. Laurie Santos Brings Happiness Course to the WOW Conference.

Yale's Dr. Laurie Santos Brings Renowned Happiness Course to the Netherlands for WOW Conference.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – In an unprecedented move that bridges academic excellence with real-world application, Dr. Laurie Santos, the esteemed professor of psychology at Yale University, is set to deliver her groundbreaking course, "The Science of Well-Being," in the Netherlands. This special session will be a highlight of the World of Well-being (WOW) Week, scheduled from October 7-11, marking a significant milestone in the event's history.

The WOW Conference, known for its commitment to enhancing global well-being, has always been a magnet for luminaries in the fields of social, mental, physical, and financial well-being. This year, under the theme "The Future of Well-being," it promises an even more enriching experience, blending leadership insights, longevity research, and the latest in AI to forecast the trajectory of well-being practices.

Dr. Santos' course, which became Yale's most popular class ever and later a global phenomenon through its online platform, focuses on the misconceptions about happiness, the psychological mechanisms that lead to a satisfying life, and actionable strategies to improve one's well-being. Bringing this course to the WOW Conference not only elevates the event's prestige but also aligns perfectly with its mission to uplift global well-being.

The conference, organized by a team of visionaries including Tabe Ydo, Charlie MacGregor, Emile Kuenen, and Winston Gerschtanowitz, promises an immersive experience. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Santos, gaining insights that meld scientific rigor with practical applicability, a rare treat outside the ivy-covered walls of Yale.

The WOW24 Week, culminating in the WOW Conference, is not just another event in the calendar. It is a clarion call to leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to pivot towards a future where well-being is not just an individual pursuit but a collective endeavor. The inclusion of Dr. Santos' course is a testament to the WOW team's innovative approach to curating content that resonates with the most pressing needs of our times.

Notable speakers joining Dr. Santos include Kelly Weekers, Wouter Kolk, Gunay Usla, Tom Peeters, Bram Schot, Anna Nooshin, Fabrizio Checcinelli, Yeliz Cicek, Jason Silva, and Charlie MacGregor, each bringing their unique perspective to the multifaceted theme of well-being.

As the WOW Conference gears up for its most ambitious iteration yet, the anticipation among the well-being community is palpable. Dr. Laurie Santos' session is poised to be a transformative experience, offering practical wisdom that attendees can apply within their personal and professional lives. It's a vivid reminder that the pursuit of happiness, when guided by science and shared in community, can lead to profound changes in how we live, work, and relate to one another.

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About WOW: The World of Well-being (WOW) is a pioneering venture dedicated to championing the well-being of global communities. Founded by a team of visionaries, WOW seeks to inspire collective action towards a healthier, more connected world. Through its annual events, including the WOW24 Week of Well-being, it brings together leading thinkers, innovators, and influencers to share knowledge, spark conversations, and catalyze change.