The WOW2024 conference boasts an incredibly diverse lineup of game-changing speakers and performers.

From exceptional leaders and brilliant minds behind innovative startups to internationally renowned experts in well-being, this year's event promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Laurie Santos

A professor of psychology at Yale University, Laurie Santos is renowned for her course, "The Science of Well-being," which became the most popular class in Yale's history. She delves into the science behind happiness and well-being at the WOW Conference.

Wouter Kolk

Wouter Kolk is the CEO of Ahold, a global retail company. He brings extensive leadership experience and insights into the intersection of business and well-being at the WOW Conference.

Kelly Weekers

Kelly Weekers is a best-selling author and psychologist who love to write and talk about authenticity. Her books offer practical insights and guidance for individuals looking to improve their lives at the WOW Conference.

Niki Schilling

Niki is a former international marketing executive for Nike, Adidas – where she was involved in the brand’s yoga line – and Heineken.

Jason Silva at WOW2024

Jason Silva

Jason Sliva, an Emmy Nominee, brings a unique angle to well-being through the lens of entertainment. He explores how storytelling can impact mental health and self-awareness at the WOW Conference.

Gunay Uslu

With a background in leadership roles, Gunay Usla brings valuable perspectives on organizational well-being and effective management strategies at the WOW Conference.

Charlie MacGregor

As founder of TSH Charlie, has dedicated his career to creating spaces where people can come together and thrive. As a co-founder of WOW, Charlie brings his expertise in human connection to the forefront of the global well-being movement.

Anna Nooshin

Anna Nooshin is a prominent influencer and entrepreneur, known for her work in fashion, lifestyle, and well-being. She shares her journey and tips on achieving personal growth at the WOW Conference.

Bram Schot

Bram Schot, is a visionary leader known for his contributions to business and innovation. He shares insights into leadership and its impact on personal and organizational well-being at the WOW Conference.

Yeliz Cicek

Yeliz Cicek represents Voque, bringing a fashion perspective to the well-being conversation. She discusses the connection between personal style and self-confidence at the WOW Conference

Tom Peeters

Tom Peeters is the founder of Crisp, a company focused on delivering fresh and sustainable groceries. He offers insights into the importance of nutrition and sustainability in well-being at the WOW Conference.

Maud Meijboom

Maud Meijboom is CEO of Heineken Laka and known for her expertise in personal development and positive psychology. She offers practical strategies and tools for enhancing well-being and happiness at the WOW Conference.

Tabe Ydo

Tabe Ydo is founder of WOW and best-selling author of personal growth books, including "OneDay" and "WellConnected.

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