Arie Boomsma

Arie Boomsma complements his multifaceted media persona with a literary and auditory presence that resonates with a wide audience. As an author, Arie has contributed thought-provoking works to the literary world, addressing themes of personal development and societal well-being. His books delve into the intricacies of human behavior and motivation, offering readers a compass for navigating the complex journey of self-improvement.

In addition to his written works, Arie extends his influence through the auditory realm with his podcast "Over Routines," where he explores the daily rituals and habits that shape our lives. His podcast has become a staple for those looking to fine-tune their day-to-day practices to achieve greater health, happiness, and success.

Incorporating Arie's literary contributions and insights from his podcast into his biography for the WOW Conference program will offer attendees a glimpse into the depth and breadth of his expertise. His participation as a speaker is poised to offer practical wisdom and inspire transformative conversations on well-being at the conference.