LinkedIn Learning and WOW join Forces! 

LinkedIn Learning and WOW join Forces! 

The World of Well-being (WOW) and LinkedIn Learning are proud to announce an innovative partnership that brings forth a series of unique learning paths aimed at redefining well-being and personal development within the professional sphere. This collaboration combines WOW’s deep commitment to enhancing global well-being with LinkedIn Learning’s lasted courses individuals & organizations can develop the most in-demand skills & deeply personalized career coaching.

Addressing the critical intersection of professional development and personal well-being, these specially crafted learning paths target key areas such as mental, physical, and financial well-being, along with the exploration of human possibilities. The initiative is founded on the principle that growth and learning are integral components of well-being, providing a comprehensive approach to fostering resilience, creativity, and fulfillment.

Tabe Ydo, founder of WOW, expressed enthusiasm about this groundbreaking partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with LinkedIn Learning marks a significant milestone in our journey to champion employee well-being. By harnessing the power of learning, we aim to empower individuals across the globe to unlock their full potential and lead lives of purpose and well-being. This initiative is a testament to our shared vision of a world where personal growth and professional development are seamlessly intertwined."

Echoing this sentiment, Jorrit van der Linde, Enterprise Lead LinkedIn Netherlands, "We are thrilled to partner with WOW. Wherever you are in your wellness journey, you need to be provided with the right tools and support to build resilience against daily stresses and live your best life. The selected learning paths are more than just courses—they are pathways to transformation and well-being".

For those looking to enhance their well-being while advancing in their careers, the WOW and LinkedIn Learning collaboration provides an invaluable resource, paving the way for a future where individuals can achieve balance and excellence in every aspect of their lives. This visionary partnership is not just about creating courses; it's about building a brighter, healthier future for all.

Don't miss this opportunity to join us during WOW2024 from October 7th to 11th, 2024, and build the healthiest and wealthiest company on the planet!

Amsterdam is gearing up for WOW2024, consisting of a five-day employee challenge kicking off on October 7th and wrapping up with an unparalleled one-day conference on October the 11th. Dedicated to exploring the future of well-being and peak performance, both efforts are designed specifically for those seeking to elevate their personal and professional lives. The concluding summit at Theater Amsterdam boasts a curated lineup of renowned speakers.