Technogym and WOW join forces to Transform Corporate Wellness

Technogym joins WOW to Transform Corporate Wellness

In a strategic move set to reshape the corporate wellness landscape, World of Well-being (WOW), a trailblazer in fostering global community health, and Technogym, a leader in fitness and wellness solutions, have unveiled an extensive partnership aimed at promoting holistic well-being across the corporate sphere. This alliance transcends conventional wellness programs, introducing a multifaceted approach that emphasizes the integral role of physical fitness within the broader spectrum of employee well-being. This comprehensive strategy underscores the commitment of both WOW and Technogym to not just improve physical fitness, but to enhance the overall quality of life for individuals around the globe. By creating environments that support all aspects of well-being, they are setting new standards for what it means to be a healthy, thriving individual in the modern world.

At the heart of this collaboration is the shared vision of WOW and Technogym to foster environments where well-being is not just encouraged but integrated into the fabric of daily life.Our mission is to uplift the well-being of employees worldwide, and joining forces with Technogym amplifies our ability to make a tangible impact,"Physical fitness is a cornerstone of well-being, affecting mental, social, and emotional health in profound ways.” said Tabe Ydo, founder of WOW. "This collaboration is about setting a new benchmark for what it means to live a healthy, balanced life in today's fast-paced corporate environment." "It's a fusion of our shared values and vision for a healthier tomorrow".

Technogym, renowned for its innovative approach to fitness, brings to the partnership its expertise in creating cutting-edge wellness solutions.
Jasper Bron, Managing Director of Technogym, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership's potential to reshape workplace wellness. "At Technogym, we believe in the power of innovation to inspire healthier lifestyles. Partnering with WOW allows us to extend our reach and impact, making wellness more accessible and engaging for employees across the globe. This initiative is about more than just physical fitness; it's about creating a wellness ecosystem that supports every individual's journey towards better health.”The partnership will be showcased at the upcoming WOW24; Week of Well-being, with this year’s theme "The Future of Well-being" focusing on a holistic view of health. The event will feature innovative practices and technologies, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to wellness. These speakers will bring to the forefront a rich tapestry of ideas, strategies, and inspirations for the future of well-being across social, mental, physical, financial aspects, and more, at the WOW24 event. Laurie Santos, Kelly Weekers, Wouter Kolk, Gunay Uslu, Tom Peeters, Anna Nooshin, Yeliz Cicek, Bram Schot, Jason Silva and Charlie MacGregor.

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