1-8 March 2024

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We survived together. Now we thrive together.

It's time to take well-being to a whole new level.

Week of Well-being is a gathering of the worlds leading companies, teachers, trainers, healers and experts in well-being. Join the 7-Day WOW Challenge, watch inspiring talks, follow mind-blowing masterclasses & courses, participate in uplifting work-outs, breath work sessions and social ceremonies and rituals.

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Foster Social Connection. Advance inclusivity & Diversity. Elevate Well-being

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Seven days. Seven challenges. Benefiting us and the world we live in. Challenge yourself, colleagues of friends in the 7-day WOW challenge.

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WOW2024 Program

Become well connected to your inner and outer world. Learn how to supercharge yourself and unlock your social superpowers.

Day 1: Day of intention
Day 2: Welcome to the universe
Day 3: Good vibes only
day 4: Power of hello
Day 5: Diversity Day
day 6: Helpers high
Day 7: Day of reflection


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Online Sessions

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Over 70+ Live sessions

Over 75+ live sessions from global leaders in social neuroscience, human behavioural biology, psychedelics, yoga, pilates, breath work & mental health.

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Uptown Program

Visit & Experience

Amsterdam; Capital of Well-being.

Plug into the Uptown program and visit or organise an inspiring health and well-being event during WOW 2024. From meditation to education and anywhere in between.

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A collective approach.

Well-being is fundamental to our collective and individual ability as humans tothink, emote, interact with each other, earn a living and most important enjoylife. On this basis, the promotion, protection and restoration of well-being can beregarded as a vital concern of individuals, communities, and companies throughout the world.

Diversity is a superpower

We all want a colourful existence. A varied menu. Eating the same thing every day gets boring. Wearing the same clothes every day gets boring. Doing the same thing every day gets boring. Variety is one of the greatest features of life and evolution. It is diversity that moves us forward. Diversity is a superpower,


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We rise by lifting others

Well-being is determined by the quality of your connections not the quantity


We share the same origins, the same building blocks and our energy waves are continuously intertwined. And yet we are so little aware of everything we are connected to. While we humans possess the unique ability to experience consciousness.


Discovering the connection of more than you are currently aware of is therefore an unprecedented enrichment of your life. Connecting with yourself is being aware of the signals that only you can receive. From your soul, your body, your mind, from the universe, the earth and from your fellow humans.

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Several studies from Stanford University show that our sense of well-being is not determined by our health, our IQ or the amount of money in our bank account, but by the quality of our social connections. Social connectedness appears to be one of the best predictors of happiness and well-being.

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Week of Well-being

Educate to Elevate

Every person on earth is concerned or committed to their well-being. Only the extent and scope varies from person to person. For some, well-being means taking good care of oneself. For another, it means taking care of his or her family or community. For yet others, it is caring for the well-being of nature, the world and the universe. If you want to care of the core of your life you need to take care of every aspect. If you don’t take care of everything that affects your well-being and then well-being is a lucky shot. Week of Well-being offers an ultra holistic program for well-being.

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