Week of Well-being enables you to enrich the connection with yourself, others and the world.

There is a constant interaction between the two. What happens in the outside world ultimately affects how you feel inside. And vice versa. It's two way traffic. Connecting with yourself is being aware of the signals that only you can receive. From the inner and outer world.

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Based on scientific studies, personal experiences and ancient wisdoms.

Outer world

The universe, the earth and fellow humans.

Inner World

Your soul, your body, your mind.

Outer World

The outside world; the universe (origin), the earth (building materials) and fellow humans (teammates).


Connection to the universe we are part of. Atoms are at the core of creation. Atoms are drilled into stars, thanks to gravity. And thanks to the light of the sun, our own star, we live.

Mother Earth

Connection to the earth where we live. Our brain, when conscious, has the same frequency as the earth. We are built from the ingredients that were present on the earth. We not only feel at home in nature, we are nature.

Fellow Humans

Connection with the people around us. We are social beings and are equipped with unique abilities to connect with others and we are neurologically and biologically rewarded by helping other people. If we were not social beings we did not exist. We are #teamhuman.

Inner World

The inner world; your soul (energy), your body (hormones), your mind (neurons).

Energy body

Our destination. Connection with your soul, your inner energy that allows you to make your unique contribution to this world. Your body and mind you leave behind when you die, but what you contribute to the lives of others is what fulfills your soul.

Physical Body

Our vehicle. Connecting with your body to feel and perceive. Being in contact with all 50 trillion cells that form you and keep you alive thanks to the earth.

Mental body

Our driver. Connection to our conscious brain to be able to experience life as intensely as possible. Being able to think clearly, maintain focus and use your brain to accomplish your life's work.

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