Don't miss this opportunity to join us during WOW2024 from October 7th to 11th, 2024, and build the healthiest and wealthiest company on the planet!

Join the WOW Employee Challenge and the WOW Conference, where we dive into the future of well-being. From the science of happiness and mental health insights to the latest in nutrition, financial well-being, and the revolutionary impact of AI on our lives, this week promises to be the pinnacle of well-being knowledge.

Embrace the Future of Well-being with WOW: Elevating Global Communities, Igniting Connections, and Pioneering Tomorrow's Well-being Solutions!

WOW is your hub to a world of health and wealth.

We take a multidisciplinary and interconnected approach to well-being and peak performance, providing you and your team with the ultimate chance to collectively shape the future of your company’s well-being. It’s time to seize this transformative experience and chart a new course toward success and wellness.




For employees

Experience the power of collective growth as employees from multiple companies come together both virtually and in real life. From virtual meet-ups to real-life events. With each day presenting unique social challenges, this experience will strengthen resilience and foster stronger bonds.

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For (Team) Leaders

Mark your calendar for Friday, October 11th, because this is a journey to the future of well-being and human possibility that you won’t want to miss. We’re about to take you on a mind-expanding adventure like no other, filled with insights, inspiration, and innovation.

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Join our WOW certification program and build a healthy and wealthy company together with us.

The only way to achieve well-being is to work on it.

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Unlock the WOW in each and everyone of us!


The Remarkable Dr. Laurie Santos, Creator of Yale's Most Popular Class Joins WOW2024!

Dr. Laurie Santos, known for creating the most popular class in the history of Yale University, ‘The Science of Well-Being,’ has impacted over 4.5 million students worldwide with her insights on happiness and well-being. Her expertise is unparalleled, and we are thrilled to have her at WOW2024 to transform Dutch perspectives on well-being. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the most influential figures in the field.


Popular Professor in the world.

300 Years

Most popular course in the history of Yale.

4,5 Million

Students worldwide

The conference serves as a hub for learning, networking, and inspiration. It’s a place where CEO's, HR Directors, people & culture leaders, well-being gurus, professors, coaches, writers, entrepreneurs, and influencers come together to shape the future of well-being practices worldwide.

Themes span the spectrum of mental, physical, social, spiritual, and financial well-being, with a resounding focus on forging social connections, fostering communities, advancing inclusivity and diversity, and driving sustainability.

Get ready to break new ground and help us take well-being to a whole new level!

WOW will feature global icons in social neuroscience, human behavioral biology, yoga, pilates, breath work, mental and physical wellness, and the profound realm of social well-being. Attendees will be immersed in live sessions, screenings, invigorating breath-work sessions, soul-soothing meditations, captivating showcases, world-class exhibitions, heart-pounding competitions. It’s a well-being extravaganza!

At WOW - World of Well-being, we believe that by harnessing the collective wisdom and expertise of diverse minds, we can shape a brighter, healthier future for all. Together, we embark on a transformative path towards holistic well-being, where every individual and community can thrive.

At WOW, we strive to foster discovery and shine a light on Well-being and health innovators whose work is fresh, unique, boundary-pushing, and drives visionary problem solving. From Next Gen game-changers and emerging talent to legendary trailblazers, the WOW community makes positive change happen together.

Welcome to World of Well-being.

Elevate human potential by unlocking the WOW within everyone of us.

Our mission at WOW (World of Well-being) is simple yet profound: to uplift the well-being of global communities by nurturing their connections with self, others, and the world.

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Community. Diversity. Inclusion. Sustainability. Employee Well-being. High Performance.

Elevate mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual & financial well-being.

CEO's. People & Culture leaders. Well-being guru's. Professors. Coaches. Writers. Entrepreneurs. Brands. Trainers. Healers.

Our passionate belief

WOW is born out of a passionate belief in the power of well-being. Our personal growth journeys have illuminated the transformative potential of well-being in our lives. We have harnessed our experiences to create a platform that resonates with people from all walks of life.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly fast-paced, well-being often takes a back seat. But WOW is here to remind us that investing in our well-being is investing in our future. So, join us on this incredible journey to discover well-being on a global scale. Together, we’re championing collective well-being and making the world a better place, one connection at a time.

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Elevate. Human. Potential.

Our vision

By prioritizing well-being, we envision a world where everyone can unlock their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. 

It's a critical shift needed for individual prosperity and a harmonious, connected society. Despite technological connectivity, an alarming number grapple with mental and physical health issues, and loneliness is pervasive. It's imperative to act now. We believe that everyone should be able to create a state of well-being and enjoy their full potential, regardless of the external circumstances.